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Corporate Polish

Why are many international companies successful?

The most important is to find common ground when communicating with other companies, be it a business meeting, a business trip abroad, communication or exchange of documents it is crucial that you are understood properly. A misused or ambiguous phrase can even cost you a loss of a new partner or a whole contract. Polish has become a widely used language outside Poland even in countries like France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic and other EU countries as well as in Australia, the USA, and Canada. This is why we offer Polish courses for companies with a dual advantage.

Dual advantage

By choosing corporate courses you save time and money.We will quickly explain how to kill two birds with one stone. In comparison to individual courses, your companies learn on a better, lower fee. Thanks to such an approach, no black hole will appear in your budget and every staff member will have an opportunity to learn with qualified teachers.

No need to move

To maintain the maximum productivity of your staff the courses can take place not only at our school but also in your office! Your employees can learn before or after work, for this is now possible for all companies in Warsaw.

Language School Together has been teaching Polish for many years. Our methodology created by our teachers has three pillars: ease of knowledge presentation, accessibility and durability of learning. High effectiveness is achieved through our teaching staff, we employ only the best specialists with diplomas in their fields, graduates of philological and linguistic faculties. Moreover our teachers – native speakers of Polish – speak Russian and English. To achieve first-class quality, like the one of a freshly squeezed orange juice, we do not let anybody, not you nor ourselves to lose concentration. A methodologist will supervise the classes controlling the work of the teacher. Moreover, all the teachers undergo obligatory qualification tests to make sure that your employees are in the best hands.

Flexible programs

We have Polish courses for all kinds of companies. Our programs fit every student who needs to reach a good level of Polish language and communicate with style. In terms of intensiveness of courses, we offer regular and intensive corporate Polish language courses. The latter ones are our pride because during a month the students cover a full level of language (e.g. from A1 to A2, A2 to B1 etc.). In comparison to achieve a similar result during a regular course, it would have taken them from 4 to 6 months.

The classes are conducted at all levels. 

The Material

We do not offer a single program recycled over and over again, but we have a variety of programs and we can also prepare a tailor-made course which fits your needs best.

Depending on your needs we offer:

  1. General Polish — an ideal starting point for beginners. This course helps you to learn the grammar and vocabulary which gives you a great basis, a foundation on which you will build further knowledge of Polish.
  2. Business Polish — for business people. During this course you will learn all the business vocabulary, phrases and idioms you need to be professional in Polish in all situations: in the office, during a coffee break or a business meeting.
  3. Specialist Polish— a course which is made to suit your needs. It could be a technical language course or any area you choose.

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