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Annual Polish language course in Poland (Maximum).

Yearlong Standart Course in Poland for foreigners is a unique opportunity to learn in the native language environment.

These courses enable you to learn in Poland and are a basis for receiving a yearlong, national Polish visa. A yearlong course can also be a basis for receiving a Temporary Residence Permit in Poland for a year. The classes start with an intensive course, then you study on semester courses. You have to add a registration fee of 100 PLN per person to the listed prices. The courses consist of academic hours and conversation hours — a different type of classes, during which the students discuss various subjects with the teachers in Polish.

How to start the course?
It takes just a few steps and you’re in Europe.

Attention! You get a unique opportunity to receive a Temporary Residence Permit for one year and learn the language. Hurry up because the time is running and you might miss your chance! A yearlong Polish course in Poland is your door to Europe. Gather new experiences and knowledge. We can also help with finding a job. Live in Poland for a whole year. Adapt, open your business, work or prepare to study at a University.

There are many possibilities — you just have to catch them. See you in Europe!

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Added 03/21/17

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