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Intensive Polish Course

Are you going to Poland but worrying because you can’t speak Polish? Or, maybe, you are already in Poland but you urgently need to improve your knowledge of Polish? Now, these problems can be easily and quickly solved. There is a way of studying that will suit even the busiest people. Working, studying, bringing up children… This list is endless. Modern life just doesn’t give the opportunity to pigeonhole our duties and immediately begin to study Polish. Everyone who aspires to the knowledge of the Polish language can get it in just 1 month. Intensive Polish language course will help you handle this mission.

Intensive Polish language course is designed for the quick and effective teaching of Polish to foreigners in very short terms: From scratch to the desired level (groups A1/A2). Improving the existing knowledge in cases of any issues with study or work (groups B1/B2). Preparing for the exam for obtaining the Pole’s Card. Preparing for the entrance to the University. Lessons of this course are held every day from Monday to Friday and consist of 6 didactic hours a day (1 didactic hour is equal to 30 minutes). Groups consist of 8 people max. All groups are formed from beginner level students and led by an English speaking teacher. Throughout a month you are completely finishing one level. At the end of the course, you will pass the final exam and receive the certificate.

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Szlachetna Paczka 2016: давайте сделаем подарок вместе!

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