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Polish speaking club. Аn open lesson for our students.

Want to have a fun and productive Friday afternoon? Come to our speaking club, talk about interesting topics and meet new people!

Our teachers prepare topics about cultural and historical events in Poland, particularly in Warsaw. They talk about the Polish culture, holidays and interesting origins behind important traditions. Our school often invites interesting people who talk to students about more practical things like resume writing, business plans for investors, etc.

To make the meeting lively and interesting our teachers or guests prepare exciting materials and vocabulary banks (the list of keywords connected with the topic). Getting to the bottom of the topic is not the only purpose of the speaking club. As its name says, it is designed to make you express your thoughts using the language you learn, and that’s exactly what we encourage you to do!

There is also a school cinema club. From time to time we watch interesting Polish films (modern and classic) that are an important element of Polish culture as well.

We recommend visiting our speaking clubs to all of our students no matter what language level they have: the more you talk, the better.

So, we wait for you every Friday at 5 p.m.!

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Added 03/19/17

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