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Get a visa on the basis of Polish courses at Together school. Need some assistance with getting a visa? No problem! If you plan to come to Poland to learn Polish, we will provide you with full support and do our best to help you. And here is some important information on our courses and the visa types each of them may require.

Intensive (one-month) course

How often: 5 times a week
How long: 3 hours a day
The time of the day: mornings/afternoons
Speaking club/excursions attendance: obligatory
Visa type: Schengen

Semester course

How often: twice a week
How long: 1.5 hours per class
The time of the day: afternoons/evenings
Speaking club/excursions attendance: obligatory
Visa type: Schengen/D11/Training visa

Yearlong course

The yearlong course usually consists of either two semester courses and one or two inrtensive ones.
The time of the day: mornings/afternoons
Speaking club/excursions attendance: obligatory
Visa type: D11 for 365 days/Training visa

How to get a visa on the basis of Together language courses

1. Fill in the registration form* and wait for the Together consultant to contact you.
   *Make sure you’ve stated the correct registration address, email and ID (passport) information.
2. Send a copy of your ID (passport) to biuro@together-school.pl
    Wait for a personal Together manager to contact you and prepare the necessary documents (the contract and invoice for payment).
3. Make the initial payment in the amount of:
  • 100 PLN (registration fee) through a bank transfer or in cash;
  • 50% of the chosen course cost through a bank transfer or in cash.
4. Send us the confirmation of your payment.
    Don’t forget to include your course details and your surname.
5. Ensure that you have received the invitation and lesson schedule.
    These are necessary documents for getting the visa. However, you need to check closely the requirements and rules of applying for a visa in your country to prepare a full package of documents and file everything on time.
6. Notify us about your application date.
    You can contact us 24/7 if there is an emergency and we will do our best to solve your problems (even call the consulate to push your case).
7. Inform us about the result of your application.
    Send us an email to biuro@together-school.pl as soon as you know the time and date of your arrival.

Finally, you are almost here! See you in Warsaw!

Our brosure






This School is one of my fav destination to relax and enjoy studying polish language. It's clean, peaceful and full of professional teachers who help us to improve our foreign language skills.
My favorite place in Warsaw! Each time visiting this amazing and colourful place can meet my expectations. 
Thank you guys! You made my study wonderful!

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