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Polish language courses is one of the basis to get a visa. If you wish to come from abroad to learn in our school, or legalise in Poland (apply for a residence permit), then we can issue all the necessary documents for you.

We have a great choice of Polish language courses that last from one month to year and a half. All the details of the courses can be found here.

To receive a visa invitation, or the documents required to apply for a residence permit, we need you to inform us at the school or at a proper box in the Internet questionnaire. Please note that we provide documents for obtaining a visa or a residence permit (when enrolling for annual and one and a half year courses) only for our students and are not engaged in visa support for other persons.







This School is one of my fav destination to relax and enjoy studying polish language. It's clean, peaceful and full of professional teachers who help us to improve our foreign language skills.
My favorite place in Warsaw! Each time visiting this amazing and colourful place can meet my expectations. 
Thank you guys! You made my study wonderful!

Added 03/01/17

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