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 All about the Polish language school Together

When you want to learn the language, memorizing is just not enough, and our founders, Michal and Katarzyna Suchozebrscy, know that perfectly well. They come from two separate countries: Katarzyna is Belarusian, and Michal is Polish, but different cultural background didn’t stop them from creating one of the best language schools in Warsaw — Together. Polish is a beautiful language, and to completely master it you need to love it like our founders do. But without the knowledge of culture, traditions, and history of the country, you can’t get immersed into it and become a proper member of the Polish society, and that’s exactly who we want you to be. If you want to succeed in Poland, you need to make yourself at home. The main purpose of Together staff is to be there with every student from their first attempts at learning Polish until they enter university and find the job or whatever they want to do. And we are not talking only about teachers who do their best to help students start speaking Polish. We mean our founders, administrators, managers and others who always show their professional attitude and individual approach to every person who wants to join our language school. It’s not just another school that treats people like clients, it’s a family that gladly greets every new member. We first opened our doors in 2009 with hopes to help other people settle down in Poland as well as do what we love most — teach the language. Now, it is safe to say that we have lived up to our hopes because hundreds of our graduates regularly say how grateful they are for the chance to successfully study and work here, in the country they live in and love.

So, if you feel that Poland is a place you wish to build your future in, we welcome you to our big family and are always ready to help.


No language center can operate without a mission, and we are not an exception: we work to help you make yourself at home in Poland. And, as it’s not possible without speaking Polish, we are your point of contact. But that’s not all that we provide you with: as a part of our mission, we lend you a hand in getting a study visa and filing the documents for Karta Pobytu (a Temporary Residence Permit). This way you can legally stay in Poland and feel safe.

If this is something you are looking for, join our language center Together and get:

But these are not all the benefits you get after joining Together. All students discover something new and different for themselves, as our language center is a point where various cultures and experiences meet and interact. But what’s the point of talking about it? Come and see it for yourself.


In Polish language school Together we work hard to give you the chance to study interesting and useful information in the way that works best for you. That’s why we experiment a lot, try different methods of teaching, and develop the individual approach we have been talking about. Besides, we have pretty ambitious plans for the nearest future.



It doesn’t matter where you have come from if you want to learn the language and get to know Poland, Together is the right place to go. We welcome everyone who loves studying and experiencing new emotions because living in a foreign country is really what this is all about. What’s more, joining our language center you will not only see the Polish culture as it is but also meet tons of new people from different countries. It means that you’ll be able to learn way much more than just the Polish language, and isn’t that just amazing?


To be truly honest with you, at the very beginning of Together we didn’t think about making a list of values like all other companies did because we knew what we wanted to create and that was enough. But now, when our family has become “slightly” bigger, we’ve figured out that it’s necessary to show people on what principles our language center was built to make clear what you get after joining us:


As we mentioned in our plans, after finishing our courses we want to give to our students certificates valid at universities and among Polish employers. In fact, we are already working on that! We are going through trainings and waiting for the confirmation from the state verifier. This is a great challenge for our team, but we know where we’re going and what’s waiting for us and we are happy to be where we are. But that’s not all that we can offer you.
Besides Polish certificates, in Together you can also pass the ECL exam to prove your level of English. It’s an officially acknowledged certificate accepted at the universities, and with employment and emigration in the European Union.




Join us!