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Co-work with the Polish Language School Together is your personal world of opportunities.

For partners

Being our partner is:
  1. The ability to increase your income without changing the type of activity. Do your business and earn money with the Polish Language School Together.
  2. The opportunity to expand your customer base, make new acquaintances and get free advertising for your company on mutually beneficial conditions.
  3. Flexible collaboration. We create the most favorable conditions for cooperation so that each of the parties feels free in its activities, achieving maximum results.

Our expectations

Carrying out their main activities, our partners advertise and sell school services, sending as many people as possible to us for each of the services offered. Each of the partners will be provided with advertising for distribution. For each client, our partners receive a commission.  More information is provided in the partnership agreement.

For the client

By purchasing the services of the Polish Language School Together you get:
  1. Fast and high-quality learning of Polish and / or English language from any level of proficiency;
  2. Obtaining a legal basis for a stay in Poland up to two years;
  3. Possibility of obtaining a residence permit (karta pobytu);
  4. Bonus system for clients (excursions, speaking clubs - all this is included in the price of the course);
  5. Individual approach to each client;
  6. Corporate training for people working in various fields of activity;
  7. The ability to select the required number of days and hours per week for the most productive and comfortable training;
  8. Summer language courses for children and adolescents: we will not only learn the language with you, but also show Poland from the most attractive side. You will love it as we do.
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Studying at Together has no limits and can begin at any time in your life. Training programs are designed for any age and any level of language proficiency. 

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