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Our Staff


  The teaching staff of the Together Language School ​​helps our students with learning of Polish and English languages, the administration is responsible for running the educational process and related issues. As a result of coordinated actions of all team members, the main goal of our work - to teach foreign students, is being achieved.
  All teachers of the Language School Together are professionals of the highest level. Each of them has not only a diploma of higher philological education, but also extensive experience in practical work with students from around the world. Our teachers regularly attend master classes to improve their skills in order to keep abreast of current trends and new techniques in the field of teaching foreign languages. In Together you will be understood not only in Polish or English, but also in Russian, Ukrainian, French, Japanese and Farsi.
  The multinational and multicultural staff of our school is sincerely devoted to one common goal - not only to help our students learn a foreign language, but also to create an atmosphere of hospitality and friendship for everyone in the school. Language school Together, let's get acquainted!


Michal Suchozebrski

School founder and owner

The founder and head of the Together School of Polish Language, pan Michal, effectively manages the team and all processes in the school. Michal is full of ambition and desire to make his project the best not only in Warsaw, but throughout Poland.

Katarzyna Suchozebrska

School founder and owner

Real leader and manager. Katarzyna is always full of ideas and new projects. Spreads energy and positive emotions. You can discuss with her all questions related to partnership, cooperation or joint projects, actions and events of our school.

Olha Matsan

Head of administration

Olha is always ready to answer any questions from students. Knows all the details of educational and administrative processes in school. Always happy to help.

Kate Marchenko


Kate will be the first one you will see when you come to our school. She will meet you at the reception desk, pick up the phone, answer your email or question on social networks. She will help in any situation!

Victoria Wakulenko


Always positive and open to people, Victoria, meets customers and answers all questions related to the learning process.

Anna Sekreta

Administrator of the Krakow office

Anna is responsible for all processes related to the functioning and operation of our branch in Krakow.

Anastasia Savostina

University recruitment and foreign partners manager

Katerina Masiuk



Andrzej Baran

Walentyna Radziszewska

Senior Lecturer

Ph.D. in Polish philology, the most skilled and experienced teacher of Together Language School. Many students come to us just to be able to attend Valentina's Polish language course.

Michal Kisielewski

Teacher of Polish

Pan Michal will teach you how to pronounce the nasal Ą and Ę like natives do, will become your guide not only to the world of Polish language, but also to the world of Polish music.

Aneta Kszczotek

Teacher of Polish

At the lessons with Aneta, the learning process is easy and interesting. Students feel the results after the first classes.

Elżbieta Greś

Teacher of Polish

Elzbeta is a specialist in Polish history and art. She will prepare everyone who wishes to take an exam for Karta Polaka. Will teach you not only to write and read, but also to understand and feel the Polish language as a native.

Aleksandra Grad

Teacher of Polish

Thanks to many years of experience in school, Alexandra shares her knowledge in a clear, simple and understandable way.

Olga Kaminska

Teacher of Polish

If at some point the study of Polish grammar becomes boring, then Olga will keep the conversation going on any topic. Open minded and intelligent person, always ready to help her students.

Alicja Torbicz

Teacher of Polish

Alicja's classes are held in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. At the lessons everyone can develop their language skills and learn a lot of interesting things about Polish culture.

Małgorzata Rybarczyk

Teacher of Polish

Katarzyna Kondracka

Teacher of Polish

Justyna Martyniak

Teacher of Polish

Justyna can find an approach to any student and has a unique talent for the fascinating teaching of Polish grammar.

Silviya Alicka

Teacher of Polish

In Sylvia's classes you will never be bored. The playing style of teaching will prepare you for any language situation. Games help to study not only Polish grammar, but also literature.

Cyryllo Kamila

Aleksandra Żbikowska

Gabriela Gawronska

Teacher of Polish

In teaching of language Gabriela uses her own techniques with significant elements of grammar and authentic materials. At her classes each student will receive not only knowledge, but also will have a great time.

Julia Maleewa

Teacher of Polish

Julia always carefully prepares for the lessons: she plans activities, makes presentations, picks up materials on the topic. Her lessons of the Polish language will certainly be adapted to the goals of each student.

Оlena Jakubowska

Teacher of Polish

Michal Pamfil

Teacher of Polish

Aleksandra Batko

Teacher of Polish in Krakow