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Our Staff


  The teaching staff of the Together school of foreign languages helps students with learning Polish and English. The administration deals with the educational process and related issues. Our goal is to teach students in the best possible way, and it is achieved through coordinated actions of all team members.
  All teachers at Together language school are professionals of the highest level. Each of them has not only a diploma of higher philological education, but also a wide experience of practical work with students from different countries of the world. Our teachers regularly attend master classes for advanced training to keep abreast of current trends and methodologies in the field of teaching foreign languages. We are happy to help you and ready to provide information not only in Polish or English, but also in Russian, Ukrainian, French, Japanese and Farsi.
  The multinational and multicultural team of our school is truly committed to one common goal, which is not only to help our students to learn foreign languages, but also to create an atmosphere of hospitality and friendship for everyone in the school. Without further ado, let’s get acquainted!


Michal Suchozebrski

Co-founder and the director of the school

Michal effectively manages the team and all processes at the school. Michal is full of ambition and desire to make his project the best not only in Warsaw, but throughout Poland.

Katarzyna Suchozebrska

Co-founder and the director of the school

Katarzyna is a co-founder of the school and the main engine of our progress. She has a unique ability to ignore difficulties and is able to find the best solutions for each of our students. Her passion includes an immense love for horses and Michal, perhaps in that order.

Olha Matsan

Director of administration

Olga is an amazing person and a natural manager, because she knows how to make everything run like clockwork. Thanks to Olga, any issues at the Together school are resolved at the snap of a finger. Neither we, nor Olga know how it happens, but the fact remains.

Alexandra Mozgovaya

School administrator

Alexandra will help you with any questions, even with those you might not have yet. Alexandra has no weaknesses, only strengths. In addition, all of them are taken as if from an ideal resume: competence, sociability, stress resistance, sense of humor, tact, and much more.

Julia Marchuk

School administrator

Julia will not just answer each of your questions, she will do it with her inherent sense of tact and involvement in any problem. Documents, consultations, a lesson schedule, a stunning style of business email correspondence, this is just a small part of what Julia can help you with.

Victoria Mitaksa

School administrator

Viktoria is our most cheerful administrator in Lodz. She will not only be happy to help with all questions and difficulties, but will also cheer up every client! Victoria always keeps the whole process under control and will help with absolutely any incomprehensible situation.

Anna Ankudinova

School administrator

Anna is our school administrator in Kraków who you can turn to with all sorts of problems. She will help you to solve them quickly and efficiently. Easy-going, open and considerate, she is the right person to come up to for a consultation or a piece of advice.


Walentyna Radziszewska

Senior teacher

Doctor of Philology, Chief Methodist and our personal genius. Valentina will help you to learn Polish in a way you have never learned before, especially if you have never really learned it. In general, Valentina is our most experienced, important and, most importantly, our favorite teacher.

Michal Kisielewski

Polish language teacher

Michal will teach you to pronounce the nasal Ą and Ę practically without an accent, and he will become your guide not only to the world of the Polish language, but also to the world of Polish music.

Aneta Kschotek

Krakow branch Team leader

The funniest, brightest, and most cheerful teacher of the Together school, all of this is about Aneta. All our students unanimously say that classes with Aneta are easy, bright, and very interesting, and they feel the results of learning already after the very first classes.

Elzhbeta Gress

Polish language teacher

Elzhbeta is your personal guide not only to the world of the Polish language, but also to Polish art, history and music. In addition to being the main art critic of the Together school and the ability to deliver lectures absolutely amazingly, Elzhbieta can prepare you for the exam for a Pole card or permanent residence.

Alexandra Samadova

Warsaw and Lodz branches Team leader

If you've ever had trouble expressing yourself in Polish, Alexandra can help you find the right words. Thanks to her teaching experience, you will easily learn to speak like a Pole, you will enjoy reading the news and listening comprehension will not be a problem!

Alexandra Grad

Polish language teacher

Thanks to many years of experience in school, Alexandra shares her knowledge in a clear, simple and understandable way, and most importantly with a smile.

Alexandra Zhuk

Polish language teacher

Cheerful Alexandra will make your studies as interesting as it is possible without any problems. Not boring presentation of grammar and vocabulary, as well as games and songs in Polish, are her main but not the only tools when it comes to language learning.

Katarzyna Kondratska

Polish language teacher

Katarzyna is a graduate of the University of Warsaw, but she has chosen Krakow as her place of residence and work. Katarzyna prefers fun over boring activities, so she often conducts various games and makes the studying process engaging for everybody. In addition to, she speaks fluent English and studies Russian.

Alexandra Zhbikovska

Polish language teacher

Alexandra is a wonderful person, an excellent teacher, and also an amazing speech therapist. You should agree, it is a good set of qualities for a teacher. All these options help Alexandra not only to teach you Polish, but also make sure you have an authentic pronunciation with little or no accent.

Anna Kozlovska

Polish language teacher

Classes with Anna are pure, undiluted joy. You will never get bored, during the lectures. Thanks to the unique presentation of the material and using some game techniques, you will learn Polish words without any problems and will never forget them.

Emilia Dadan

Polish language teacher

Emilia is our most sociable teacher in Lodz. She will be happy to explain to you all the grammatical rules of the Polish language, but most importantly, she will make it so that learning is only a joy! She will always find interesting topics of conversation, thanks to which you will not notice how fluently and confidently you speak Polish.

Marta Yashpinskaya

Polish language teacher

Marta graduated from the Faculty of Polish Philology at the University of Lodz. It will show you that learning Polish grammar doesn't have to be boring or difficult. There are always a lot of games and interesting tasks in her classes. If you dream of a trip to the Polish mountains, Marta will definitely come in handy. She knows them as well as Polish.

Marta Lukasik

Polish language teacher

A teacher who will do everything so that students leave the office with new knowledge after each lesson.

Katarzyna Kardasiewicz

Polish language teacher

Classes with Katarzyna are held in an easy and pleasant atmosphere. In the lessons, everyone will be able to develop their language skills and learn a lot of interesting things about Polish culture.

Mariia Marchenko

Polish language teacher

With Maria, learning Polish will be as easy as a piece of cake!

Diana Meskhiya

Polish language teacher

Classes with Diana are always held in an easy and pleasant atmosphere. In the lessons, everyone will be able to develop their language skills and learn a lot of interesting things not only about the Polish language, but also about Polish culture.

Dominika Kieszkowska

Polish language teacher

While conducting classes with her students, Dominika has understood three main things: everything should be interesting, easy, and clear. And what is very important, she always believes in the capabilities of every student, regardless of their age and language level. In Dominika's lessons, students spend their time as productive as possible. They listen to songs, watch interesting videos, read poetry, and talk about Polish culture and history.

Sylvia Alicka

Polish language teacher

Silvia is a teacher full of enthusiasm and boundless love for the Polish language. She always tries to get to know her students better and tailor the course to their needs. She loves to get acquainted with different cultures, so she not only teaches her students, but also learns from them.

Lucia Scibor

Polish language teacher

Lucia always tries to engage, motivate and inspire students to learn. It is very important for a student to feel the support of his teacher and Lucia knows that. She will always help when it is needed. Difficulties with Polish language? Not with Lucia.

Dominika Tokarz

Polish language teacher

Dominika is a committed teacher who wants the students to learn about its beauty in addition to mastering the Polish language. During her classes there are many linguistic jokes and anecdotes related to the Polish language, thanks to which none of her students has problems remembering why we call our western neighbors "Niemcy" and not "Germanie".