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Why Together?

Why you should choose Polish language school Together


We have been successfully working for 12 years in the Polish language courses market. During this time we have partnered with universities, museums, archives, and other institutions of Warsaw. We also have gained a positive reputation among different Polish embassies of different countries. It means that we are able to defend the rights of our students when they want to get a visa or residence permit, and, of course, we do this when the situation demands it.

Thousands of our graduates fluently speak the language, pass tests and exams, study in Polish universities and get hired in all cities around the country. They feel comfortable here and consider themselves at home, and what can be better than this?

We do everything we can to make Poland your home country and we know that we do it right.


Language school Together is located in Warsaw, the capital city and the heart of Poland. It’s not just an extremely beautiful place full of history and hospitability. It’s a city of opportunities both for students who want to get a Polish degree or people who wish to get a job.

What’s more, Together is located near the old city in the picturesque Warsaw district called Stare Miasto. It’s comfortably situated next to the underground station “Dworzec Wilenski” and the students have no problems getting to it from different corners of the city.

Our branches also work successfully in the beautiful cities of Krakow (at ul. Starowiślna, 1) and Lodz (at ul. Piotrkowska, 60)


When you choose our language center, you get to make use of one more important benefit – affordable prices. A 45-minute lesson of a semester, intensive or year course costs no more than 13 zlotys. But if you still have difficulties paying for these lessons, you can make payments in installments. We are always ready to meet you halfway because we care.


We know that there are students who grasp the languages fast and the ones who have difficulties with learning foreign words and grammar. There are also people who need Polish for education and others for work; taking that into account we’ve developed different programs that fit various individual needs.

If you choose to study in our language center Together, you will get a chance to learn Polish on:

There are also special programs for students who want to enter Polish universities and summer camps for teenagers.

All people can choose the most comfortable time to study, be it morning, afternoon or evening. What’s more, students of our language center study in small groups and it gives us a chance to pay close attention to every individual. We do everything we can to make Together the best place to learn Polish. So, come and see how we’re doing.


Besides Polish certificates, in Together you can also pass an ECL test to prove your level of English. It’s an officially acknowledged certificate accepted in the universities, during employment and emigration in the European Union.


In most cases, our students don’t know their level of language unless they have learned Polish before. So, in order to identify which program and group are the most suitable for you, you need to pass a language test which will show us what your strengths and weaknesses are.
However, there’s no need to worry that you, for instance, know some words, but have no idea how to use tenses, because our professional teachers keep track of what mistakes you make. They are always ready to explain anything you might not know and give you additional exercises to fill in the gaps in your command of Polish.
After you finish a course in our language center, you have to get through an exam that shows how well you have grasped Polish. It usually goes with a certificate that includes the results of your course and exam. Aren’t you excited to get one of those?  




Join us!