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Trimester course

Trimester course

Trimester Polish language course is a "middle ground" between intensive and long-term courses. A sufficiently short period of training allows you to see the results very soon, having received a thorough and profound knowledge of the Polish language.

For which level:

from zero to advanced (А0 - В1).
to check your level, take our Free test.

Course duration and program:

The course lasts 3 months, consists of 205 academic hours (1 academic hour = 45 minutes) and includes:
  • 114 didactic hours (classes);
  • 39 conversational (weekly Conversations at school on current and interesting topics about life in Poland);
  • 52 practical (excursions and phonetic classes on Saturdays).
During the course, students complete one full level of Polish language knowledge(depending on the level of start) from A1 to B1.

The price:

700 zlotych.

Additional costs:

registration fee 100 zł.

Payment methods:

1. School's bank account transfer;
2. by cash, credit or debit card in one of the School’s offices..

Classes schedule:

Classes at Trimester Polish language course are held twice a week for 2 academic hours each, plus 3 additional (optional) lessons. In total 5 times a week. Days and time of classes are set one week before the course starts.

Number of people in the group::

6-8 students


Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz


At the end of the course, the student takes a test and receives an appropriate diploma.
Please read the Regulations of our School, before applying to the course.

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This School is one of my fav destination to relax and enjoy studying polish language. It's clean, peaceful and full of professional teachers who help us to improve our foreign language skills.
My favorite place in Warsaw! Each time visiting this amazing and colourful place can meet my expectations. 
Thank you guys! You made my study wonderful!

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