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Yearlong Maximum

The Yearlong Polish language course Maximum is a program aimed for learning Polish with different intensity and mastering the material of 4 levels of the language. The most thorough and serious course in our school that will suit those who decided to stay in Poland for a long time, as it allows our students not only to learn the language, but also to apply for a temporary residence permit in Poland.
The course consists of 1032 academic hours (1 academic hour = 30 min.) and includes 492 didactic hours (classes), 216 conversional (weekly Conversations at school on interesting topics about life in Poland), 324 practical (thematic excursions and phonetic classes on Saturdays). The course consists of two months of intensive training and two semesters. Each of the four stages provides the passage of one level of knowledge of the Polish language, as evidenced by the relevant certificates.
The first 8 weeks of the course take place on a daily basis of the Polish language Maximum. The duration of the lesson is 6 academic hours (180 minutes) with one break (10-15 minutes). After the first month of study, the duration of the lesson is 3 academic hours (90 minutes), classes are held twice a week. The time and days are set one week before the start of the course.

Please read the Regulations of our School, before applying to the course.


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