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Two-week intensive course in Krakow

Two week intensive course 

A Two-week Intensive Polish language course is designed for those who need to learn the Polish language as quickly as possible. Full immersion in the language environment allows our students to feel the results of the lessons and start speaking Polish in two weeks.
The course consists of 50 academic hours (1 academic hour = 45 min.) and includes 40 didactic hours (classes), 4 conversional (weekly Conversations at school on interesting topics about life in Poland), 6 practical ( thematic excursions and phonetic classes on Saturdays). During the course the students pass half level of knowledge of the Polish language and receive an appropriate diploma at the end of the course.

Classes in the Intensive two-week Polish language course are held every day. The duration of the lesson is 4 academic hours (180 minutes) with one break (10-15 minutes). The time for classes is set one week before the beginning of the course.

Please read the Regulations of our School, before applying to the course.

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This School is one of my fav destination to relax and enjoy studying polish language. It's clean, peaceful and full of professional teachers who help us to improve our foreign language skills.
My favorite place in Warsaw! Each time visiting this amazing and colourful place can meet my expectations. 
Thank you guys! You made my study wonderful!

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