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Certification exam preparation course

Certification exam preparation course

The course is designed for people interested in passing the State Certification Exam of Polish at B1 level.

Classes are conducted by a team of teachers under the guidance of an experienced examiner. Students will learn about typical exam assignments and how to solve them. The aim of the course is to supplement students' knowledge with the skills necessary for passing the exam. During the intensive course, all language skills are practiced: listening, reading comprehension, grammar, writing and speech (36 hours). As part of the course, students also have the opportunity to receive consultations (6 hours) to discuss written work, self-fulfillment of test tasks and individually work out selected questions.

For which level:

The course is designed for levels A2 - B1.
Check your level - our Free Test.

Course duration and program:

The course lasts 1.5 months and consists of 36 hours + 6 hours of consultation.
  • Acquaintance with the exam procedure. Discussion of separate parts of written and oral exams, types of tasks.
  • Presentation of an example of the test, acquaintance with the potential problems and the amount of the test material. Identification of students' needs.
  • Hearing comprehension: a set of common tasks, discussion, task verification - work with transcripts.
  • Understanding written text: a set of typical tasks, discussion, conversation development, lexical topics mentioned in the texts.
  • Grammar correctness: selection of questions, exercises that complement the shortcomings of students (present, simple and difficult future time, past time and aspect, imperative, conditional, adjective and adverb, evaluation, selected topics from personal thinking - change by case, preposition  , conjunction  , creation of questions).
  • Writing: presentation of brief forms of functional statements and text editing (congratulations, wishes, announcements, invitations); presentation of longer forms of expression and preparation for independent work on the text - discussion of compositions, stylistic measures (description, argumentative text, story).
  • Speech. Discussion of a set of tasks, strategies and stylistic measures used in the oral exam. Simulation of the oral exam.
  • Checking the test with time measurement.

The price:

950 zł

Additional costs:

Registration fee 100 zł.

Payment methods:

1. School's bank account transfer;
2. By cash, credit or debit card in one of the School’s offices;
3. Pay now online (after sending the request you will be redirected to the payment server).

How the classes are held:

Classes at the Certification exam preparation course are held every Saturday. The duration of the class is 6 hours.
The lesson time is set one week before the course starts.





At the end of the course, the student takes the test and receives the corresponding diploma.
Please read the Regulations of our School, before applying to the course.


Schedule of examination sessions for 2020

The State Commission for Certification of Polish as a Foreign Language has announced the schedule of examination sessions for 2020.

Exams of Polish as a foreign language will be held on the following dates for the next levels of language proficiency:

Candidates should contact the centres that organize the exams on these dates. The list of centers (authorized persons) is available on the website of the BIP of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education: http://www.bip.nauka.gov.pl/cawodacja-jezyka-polskiego-jako-obcego/

* The examination for candidates who cannot take part in the examination on Saturdays for religious reasons will take place during the session on 18 October 2020.



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