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2021 is another year at school Together

2021 is another year at school Together, full of successes and victories

The outgoing year was a real breakthrough for our school. Thanks to the tireless work of the Together team, we have achieved so many heights that we had to create an article to describe them.

Accreditation and status

Together has become the only network of schools in the whole of Poland, which at the same time has the accreditation of the Ministry of Education and has the prestigious status of an examination center, which gives us the right to independently organize the state certification exam in Polish.

In 2021, we have strengthened the title of the leader in the market of teaching Polish as a foreign language and, as always, we offer a huge number of important advantages for each student:
- Convenient location in the center of Warsaw, Krakow and Lodz
- The best quality of training and maximum comfort
- A huge selection of different programs and language courses
- The possibility of obtaining a national visa and residence permit
- Training standards developed by the methodical director of the school
- A team of professional teachers with specialized education who have passed strict selection criteria
- Services of the examination center and certificates of the state sample after passing the exam
- The possibility of learning online on a specially designed interactive platform
- Flexible training schedule and maximum comfort level
- A comprehensive package of services for people applying for Polish citizenship

State exam: organization and conduct at the highest level

Last year, Together became the most desirable place to take the exam at the B1 level. Being an official examination center (and also a team of professionals and true fans of our business), we strive for excellence in everything we do - both in language teaching and in organizing such an important event as the state certification exam. We think over every detail so that students taking the państwowy egzamin certyfikatowy z języka polskiego jako obcego can focus on the exam itself without being distracted by anything.

In Warsaw, for the exam, we rent Browary Warszawskie – one of the most interesting architectural projects of the capital of Poland of recent times: modern, convenient and maximally verified from the point of view of logistics.

Spacious halls, carefully thought-out organization of space, excellent sound insulation and air conditioning systems - we take everything into account so that our students are not distracted from the most important thing – the exam for which they have been preparing for so long and hard. A huge number of teachers of the school Together take part in the state exam as examiners (they also conduct special author's courses at our school that prepare for the state exam at the B1 level)

In 2021 we have already three full-scale exams in Warsaw (and next year also in Krakow!) and hundreds of reviews from satisfied students who received the coveted certificates.

Learning Polish online: there is nothing easier!

Another important area for the school Together – learning Polish online - is developing as intensively as the school itself. Our author's online platform razem.co in 2021, it was constantly supplemented with new video lectures, interactive tasks and full-fledged courses, and on Instagram @razem.co more than 8 thousand people have been learning Polish together with us.

Thanks to razem.co You can learn Polish and immerse yourself in Polish culture without even leaving home. Our platform is very simple and intuitive, and all materials are developed by our best teachers and methodologists. Vivid examples from colloquial speech and slang, grammar and rules, videos with native speakers, tests, quizzes, exercises and much, much more – every aspect that we are proud of on razem.co this year has become even better and more interesting.

Razem w Polsce Foundation 

Our Fundacja Promocji Języka Polskiego i Kultury Polskiej Razem w Polsce also did not stand still: many events were held under its auspices. Together with the Razem w Polsce Foundation, we have been making you fall in love with Polish culture, history and language for a whole year, because it was thanks to him that a huge number of free excursions, conferences and other exciting events were organized.

You can always find out about the most current events of the foundation by going to the website (https://razemwpolsce.pl /)

Creating your own policeal school - Szkoła policealna RWP

In 2021, another important event took place: We have created our own police school Szkoła policealna RWP (Razem w Polsce), which is an integral part of Together. Its opening was officially approved, and Wojewódzka Rada Practice issued all relevant permits.

Therefore, in 2022 we invite everyone to study at our policeal school. Together with us, you will be able to master a new profession for yourself, get a graduation document and find a job without any problems, having successfully passed all exams.

*Policeal schools are an important and very popular model of education in Poland, which is an intermediate link between secondary and higher education institutions, and offers specialized education to people from 18 to 60 years old. The main emphasis is on technical specialties and practical classes in the chosen specialty.

The training lasts on average from 1 to 2 years, and upon graduation, students receive diplomas that are quoted in Poland and allow them to get a job, according to the demands of the labor market.

Also, on the basis of training in policeal schools, you can get a national visa or a Polish residence permit for the entire period of study.

And in 2021, the school Together:

- Planned to open new branches in Warsaw and other Polish cities;
- Helped to get visas and residence permits, as well as to enroll in a Polish university for a large number of people;
- And, of course, I never stopped teaching Polish in Warsaw, Krakow and Lodz for a second!

Thank you for your trust and support, and see you in the new year! We promise even more grandiose discoveries!





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