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Movies for learning Polish language


Learning Polish can be not only useful or necessary, but also fun. For those who want to improve their knowledge, learn nw words and get rid of the accent, we recommend watching movies in Polish.
In any cinema in Poland, you can easily find modern dubbed Hollywood (and not only) films. But there’s nothing better than learning Polish with movies with original voice acting. In addition to gaining practical knowledge, you will also learn a lot about Polish culture and history, as well as get to know wonderful Polish filmmakers.
We present you films for learning Polish:

"Poszukiwany, poszukiwana" (1972, reż. Stanisława Barei)

A comedy where the main character, an unlucky art historian, is accused of stealing one of the paintings. But being threatened with a five-year imprisonment, he finds an unexpected way out of this situation ...

"Chłopaki nie płaczą" (2000, reż. Olaf Lubaszenki)

Criminal comedy. Polish version of the famous film " Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels ". Two gangsters must deliver a large amount of money to the designated place. Meanwhile, two teenage friends are looking for a way to get rid of the sex complexes by all means. But everything goes wrong ...

”Tato” (1995, reż. Maciej Ślesicki)

Michal works a lot and is often not at home, and his wife Eva brings up their seven-year-old daughter Kasya. Eva has serious psychological problems. One day she does physical harm to herself and blames her husband for what happened. After the divorce, the court leaves the child with the mother, but Eva goes to a mental hospital, and the girl remains with her grandmother. Michal does not recognize the court decision and kidnaps his daughter. But it turns out that raising a child is not such a simple matter ...

"Miasto 44" (2014, reż. Jan Komasa)

War drama about the fate of the young Pole Stefan Zavadsky. In 1944, Warsaw was still under the control of Nazi Germany. And the capital is preparing for the Warsaw Uprising on August 1, 1944. Stefan works at the plant under the yoke of the Nazis, but he enters the ranks of the Home Army and wants to liberate his homeland and take revenge on the offenders. It is at this time that he meets his first love ..

"Bez końca" (1984, reż. Krzysztof Kieślowski)

The movie of the famous film director and playwright Krzysztof Kieslowski, nominated for an Oscar. Uli's husband dies of a heart attack. A talented lawyer leaves the unfinished business, his wife and son. Ulyana can hardly go through the loss and cannot imagine her life and future. But still, Ulya finds a way out - she decides to continue and complete the work of her husband, which was so important to him. And it becomes the meaning of her life ...

"Amator" (1979, reż. Krzysztof Kieślowski)

Another drama by Kislevsky. The film takes place in Krakow. Philip buys an eight millimeter camera to film his little daughter. The first steps of the new operator were noticed. Philip gets a promotion and continues to shoot, but already documentaries about real life in his city. But the results of his work are no longer welcomed with those in power ...

"Wesele" (2004, reż. Wojciech Smarzowski)

Woynar's daughter marries while pregnant. But the groom - not the father of the child - agrees to marry and recognize the baby, only if Woynar buys him a brand new Audi. The father-in-law fulfills his part of persuasion, but, the man delivering a car on the wedding day demands, besides money, two more hectares of land. But that's not all! Former lover of the bride shows up ...

"Człowiek z żelaza" (1981, reż. Andrzej Wajda)

Wonderful movie of perhaps one of the most famous and titled directors in Poland - Andrzej Wajda. The picture serves as a powerful testimony to the decade that culminated in a turn in the history of communism. The journalist Winkel receives an assignment from the communist government to make a compromising report on one of the workers, the leader of the strike movement. But in the process of preparing the report loyalty to the regime of Winkel himself is being tested ...

"Vabank" (1981, reż. Juliusz Machulski)

Criminal comedy. At the end of 1934 in Warsaw, the famous safecracker Quinto was released from prison. After six years in prison, he decided to leave all the criminal work aside. But the news of the death of a friend destroys all the good intentions of Quinto and he decides to take revenge on the murderer by robbing Cramer’s bank. And, of course, he does it. Exquisite, fun and twisted!

"Nóż w wodzie" (1962, reż. Roman Polański)

The first full-length film of the world-famous Roman Polanski, nominated for an Oscar. The couple decide to take a boat trip on the Masurian lakes and accidentally meet a young man who is being taken to the yacht. However, serious rivalry is burning between the two men for the attention of the girl. The situation is heating up to the limit, and the decisive moment seems to be close.

"Chce się żyć" (2013, reż. Maciej Pieprzyca)

Mateusz is seriously ill - he does not speak and cannot walk. Doctors say he is hopeless, his sister calls him a moron, and his brother is jealous that he is doing nothing. And only parents are sure that there is a full-fledged person inside this paralyzed body. And indeed it is...

"Ida" (2013, reż. Paweł Pawlikowski)

A drama that won an Oscar as the best foreign film. Anna is an orphan and spent all her childhood in a monastery. She has only an aunt, with whom the girl decides to meet before becoming a nun. It is from her that Anna learns the truth about herself and her parents. The girl, together with her aunt, decides to find out the fate of their family. None of them will remain the same ...
This list can be continued! Watching the films we recommend for learning Polish, you will see that Polish cinema deserves your attention.
We are happy to help you reach new heights of knowledge, so we selected the best films in Polish. And this is not only it!
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