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Moving to Poland and studying at a vocational school


Moving to Poland and studying at a vocational school as part of the Together school package

The situation in the world is changing dynamically due to the COVID-19 pandemic. New restrictions come into force, including those related to the border crossing. Polish language school Together is ready for those changes!
As a solution to this situation, we, in cooperation with the best vocational schools in Poland, have developed a special package offer.
As a student of Polish language courses at the Together school, you can simultaneously study at the vocational schools in Poland we cooperate with. This offer is absolutely free of charge for all students taking language courses with a duration of more than 12 months at our school, and most importantly, it fully meets the requirements of the Consulates for issuing visas.
You are guaranteed to get the opportunity not only to learn Polish, but also to master a specialty that is in demand on the labor market, and we will take care of all paperwork, communication with the Consulates, and other organisational issues! 
Thanks to this offer, students of our courses will be able to:
Our specialists accompany clients at every stage of training and moving to Poland.

How to move to Poland on a vocational school studying basis.

One of the available options for moving to Poland is getting education, while it is not necessary higher education. It is possible to take an education program at a vocational school. A visa is issued for the period of study there, and after its completion, a foreign student receives the right to work in Poland without obtaining a special permit, since they acquired a profession in the country and studied according to general standards.

What is a vocational school?

A vocational school is a type of educational institution, which is designed to provide vocational education, or technical skills required to complete the tasks of a particular and specific job. The age of students is 18 years old or more. For admission, you do not have to pass entrance exams, nor you need to have a Polish high school diploma. It’s enough to have one obtained in your country. However, since the lessons are conducted in Polish, you need to speak Polish well enough.
To improve your skills, you can always sign up for language courses in Warsaw, Lodz, or Krakow at any of the branches of our school and get the language level necessary for studying, and subsequently also pass the state exam of Polish as a foreign language in order to obtain a resident card or Polish citizenship.
Classes at the vocational school are held in correspondence mode, on weekends. It is possible to watch videos of some of the lessons at home completely remotely, and even combine training with the job. After completing the program, each student acquires a profession and a diploma that is quoted not only in Poland but also throughout Europe.
The advantage of this legalization option is also the fact that attending and graduating from vocational school is strictly at your discretion.
A wide range of programs is offered for legalization in Poland. The fields of studies and terms in most vocational schools do not differ. 
Below are the main education programs:
Program Period of study
Administration technician 2 years
Occupational Health and Safety Technician 1,5 year
Florist 1 year
Surveyor Technician 2 years
Beauty Technician 2 years
Postal and Financial Services Technician 1 year
IT technician 2 years
Archivist 2 years
Optical Technician 2 years
Road Technician 2 years
Environmentalist 1 year
Caregiver in a welfare home 2 years

How to apply for a vocational school?

To become a Polish student, you do not need to pass exams. It is enough to collect all the documents, fill out a questionnaire and arrange everything in the right way. And we will help you with this!
We, at Together language school, translate all the necessary documents for those who use the package offer. Our clients don't have to worry about it!
Together Polish language school is not just about language courses. We are also an official examination center accredited by the Ministry of Science of Poland for conducting the state Polish language certification exam not only in Warsaw but also in Lodz and Krakow:
By choosing this offer, you not only get the opportunity to learn Polish in the shortest possible time, but also to master a specialty that is in demand throughout the EU.
Choose our package offer and discover Europe with Together!

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