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Polish language exam

Preparation for polish language exams in Poland

2020 turned out to be a difficult year for everyone, but it brought an event to the life of the Together language schools family, to which we have been going for eleven years.
Throughout the years of the school's existence, we have strived to get the highest degree of recognition! An important step along this path was the Official inspection of the representatives of the Mazovian Voivodeship Ministry of Education (zespół akredytacyjny wysłany przez Mazowieckie Kuratorium Oświaty).
The accreditation committee has carefully checked the most important nuances of the work and the school showed compliance with the highest standards of the education system of Poland.
The result of the check was that since 2020, the Polish language school Together has the highest possible accreditations for institutions of continuous extracurricular education - accreditation of the Mazovian Educational Curatorium (Akredytacja Mazowieckiego Kuratorium Oświaty).
But that's not all the good news, as on December 29, 2020, the Ministry of Education and Polish science by its decree DECYZJA NR 27 / DWM / 2020 presented us with a truly main New Year's gift! The result of the many years of our work has become the right to be an official center for the preparation and passing of the certification exam in Polish at the B1 level.

What does it mean?

Signing up, preparing, and passing the Polish language certification exam from 2021 in Poland has now become much easier because the Together school is an Official Examination Center (ośrodek egzaminacyjny) for holding the state exam in Polish language proficiency not only in Warsaw but also in large cities of Poland - Lodz, and Krakow.
The enrolment for the preparation course for people interested in passing the State certification exam in Polish at the B1 level is carried out four times a year. The duration of training is 6 weeks. Classes are conducted by a team of teachers under the guidance of an experienced examiner. Students will learn about the exam tasks and methods of solving them firsthand. The course aims to supplement the knowledge of students and practice all key language skills required to successfully pass the exam:
  • Listening,
  • Reading comprehension
  • Grammar, writing, and speech
As part of the course, students also have the opportunity to receive consultations to discuss written work, self-fulfillment of test assignments, and individually work out selected questions.

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Why choose TOGETHER school?

Throughout 11 years of growth and movement forward, the Polish language school Together became the leader in the educational services market! We help everyone who wants to not only learn Polish but also assimilate in the country, get to know its culture and peculiarities better. Our students, 50% of whom come to us on recommendation, know that they can always contact us not only regarding training (Polish, English, German) but also get help on residence permits, insurance, as well as significantly simplify legalization in a new country for them.
Unique educational methods and a staff of more than 30 certified professional teachers have allowed us to achieve high performance:
- 99% of our students successfully pass the B1 state certification exams.
Our doors are open to everyone without exception! This approach makes the Together school a place where different cultures and mentalities meet, a platform that unites people with one goal - gaining knowledge. We are happy to share our experience with everyone in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.
To enroll in an upcoming training course to pass the certification exam in Polish, contact us in any convenient way :
and our administrators will answer all your questions.
We invite you to become a part of our big family!
*Akredytacja Mazowieckiego Kuratorium Oświaty:
** Decyzja Nr 27/DWM/2020:



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