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Sightseeing in Lodz

 Top 5 most interesting places around the Together school in Lodz

The Together language school has prepared for you a complete guide to Lodz его and its most important attractions. As a narrator - Pani Emilia, our most experienced (and your favorite) teacher in Lodz.

Księży Młyn

Image source: tropter.com/pl
One of the symbols of Lodz - Księży Młyn - is a huge complex of buildings of a former textile factory that has survived since the 19th century. Recently, both Księży Młyn and the entire area around it have been renovated, but the authentic atmosphere of Lodz has been preserved. And even multiply: now there are not only apartment buildings, but also art studios, hipster eateries, galleries, fragments of the old railway and much more. There is also the beautiful Pałac Herbsta which you can easily go on a guided tour (on Fridays, admission is free).
Image source: tropter.com/pl
Once in this area, you can go to the Szkoła Filmowa w Łodzi or Źródliska Park. So, if you want to go on a scenic walk and take a couple of great photos, this is the spot for you.

Off Piotrkowska

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If you have been to Lodz, but did not run into "Off Piotrkowska", then you probably did not get to know the city. The harsh industrial buildings of the former factory have become almost a symbol of the direction in which Lodz has begun to evolve. Creative workshops, concept stores, art studios, restaurants - "Off Piotrkowska" seems to have everything (and even a little more).
From time to time, open-air concerts, film evenings and other important cultural events are held here. And, of course, gastronomy.
Image source: tropter.com/pl
"Off" you can find places for a wide variety of tastes: pubs, clubs with techno parties, food trucks, craft beer bars and even super-trendy restaurants where you can taste haute cuisine for huge (by any standards) money.

Manufaktura + Pałac Poznańskiego

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Manufaktura is perhaps the most beautifully restored post-industrial area in Lodz. It's also a must-see for anyone planning to explore the city. See for yourself: firstly, you can arrange chic shopping here (the number of shopping centers in Manufactura is simply enormous). Secondly, there are a large number of other places where you can spend time interestingly: museums (including an absolutely wonderful museum of modern art), a hotel, a cinema, bowling and much more.
Image source: tropter.com/pl
Right next to the Manufaktura is the palace of the former owner of these places, Pałac Poznańskiego. The building itself looks a bit like a meringue cake, but inside you can find a unique mirror hall, decorations and decorations that truly inspire respect.

Pasaż Róży

Image source: tropter.com/pl
Pasaż Róży is a tiny, hidden in the courtyards, but a full-fledged landmark of Lodz. Which is difficult to find and impossible to forget.
Run into an inconspicuous arch from Piotrkowska Street, you will find yourself in a real Through the Looking-Glass - after all, all the houses here are decorated with mirror mosaics. You can admire it, you can take pictures of it, or you can just put a tick in the box “visited sights of Lodz”.
Image source: tropter.com/pl
Little tip from Pani Emilia: It is worth visiting Pasaż Róży several times and seeing with your own eyes how the mosaic changes with the weather. Indeed, on a sunny day, at sunset or in the light of lanterns and lamps, you will have a completely different impression.

Centrum Nauki Techniki + Planetarium EC1

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Perhaps the most modern and futuristic museum not only in Lodz, but in the whole of Poland. See for yourself: a huge space of 8000 square meters and about 150 expositions - these are just facts about the Centrum Nauki Techniki.
In order to walk around the museum, there are three full-fledged routes: "Energy Processing", "Development of Civilizations" and "Micro-Macrocosm", each of which reveals its name with the help of interactive exhibits and a huge number of multimedia elements.
Image source: tropter.com/pl
We should also highlight the insanely beautiful and interesting Planetarium EC1 planetarium. Even a cursory glance at it is enough to understand one simple thing - it is very interesting inside. And the hall, made in the form of a metal ball, boasts a spherical screen, on which you can watch the movement of celestial bodies and specially staged films.




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