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Together raises prices

Together raises prices

Over the past couple of years, our school has made a powerful leap forward in development. A short list of our achievements is difficult to fit into a couple of sentences, but we'll try! Since 2020, our School has been one of the three leaders of non-public schools accredited by the Mazovian Office of Education. This accreditation is a confirmation of the many years of fruitful work, as well as a guarantor of the quality and professionalism of the teaching staff.
Every year around 1500 students from more than 100 countries of the world trust us! 
In December 2020, the school was awarded an examination center status with the right to conduct exams of Polish as a foreign language Together with our qualified teachers, we have developed completely new training programs, over the past year, we carefully prepared our students for this important test, and also did everything possible (and impossible) to ensure that every exam is at the highest level! As a result, hundreds of happy students have already received their certificates, and the Together state exam has already become an example for many schools.
In addition, we are actively working in different directions and are constantly developing. Thanks to our interactive online platform razem.co, Polish can now be learned anywhere in the world, our Fundacja promocji języka i kultury polskiej - Razem w Polsce makes sure that as many people as possible learn about Polish history, culture and language, and very soon we will open our own policeal school, where you can learn and get a new profession.
Next year will be the year of big announcements and new horizons. We are expanding our geography, constantly improving the qualifications and quality of our services in order to make your stay in Poland truly enjoyable. In this regard, we have made a decision on some changes in our pricing policy.
So, from January 2022, following the growth of our status and qualifications, prices for our services will rise. We inform you about this in advance, so do not postpone the purchase of the coveted courses. Until the end of December, they will be available at the old prices. Hurry up to please yourself and your loved ones and have time to buy a course at the best price.
See you at Together.

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