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Top 5 places near Warsaw

Top 5 places near Warsaw: choice of the Together School

Think you have already explored Warsaw and all of its environs inside and out? Do you want to get out of the city, but have not yet figured out where exactly? Or maybe you are just looking for new and insanely interesting places to stay? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then don't even think about closing this page. In this article, we will tell you about the coolest places near Warsaw, where you can easily go for the whole day and get a whole ton of vivid impressions. So let's go!

To swim and sunbathe: Lake Żegrze

Jezioro Zegrzyńskie
Image source: tropter.com/pl
Description:  Almost every resident of the Polish capital has one unwritten rule – in any incomprehensible situation go to Lake Żegrze. Anyone or anything can act as travel companions: children, dogs, wives, husbands, friends of your mother's friend, and even a box of Żywiec beer. Each of them has its logical uses.
НŻegrze seems to have everything you can dream of and even a little more. Curl your fingers:
- beaches to sunbathe,
- places for swimming,
- areas for barbecues,
- outstanding cafes and restaurants,
- the ability to rent a boat, catamaran, canoe, and even a yacht,
- playgrounds and much, much more.
However, all this beauty has a downside — it is usually very crowded here. Therefore, for those who value personal boundaries, it is recommended to either arrive early or to go to the wild beaches. They, of course, are not as well-groomed as public ones, but the number of people per square meter is much less there.
How to get there: from Marymont metro station by city bus 735
Companies that provide boats and catamarans for rent are usually open until 17:30-18:00

To breathe deeply: Konstancin-Jeziorna

Image source: tropter.com/pl
Description: “A small, lush green, and pretty damn beautiful analog of Beverly Hills near Warsaw” — this is how the Poles themselves often describe Konstancin-Jeziorna. 
Here you can find ancient villas that are side by side with newfangled townhouses, outstanding restaurants and tiny cafes, and the amount of greenery that tends to absolute values. But the main attraction of this town is Park Zdrojowy and an unusual structure, made of armfuls of brushwood, which is located in its very center. It is called «Tężnia».
The secret of this miracle is simple - under the park, there is a huge salt lake, the water of which is pumped and sprayed around by special pumps. Needless to say, it is a place for those, who want not only to take a walk but also to cleanse their lungs from the smog and smoke, the capital of Poland is famous for. A combination of salty air and coniferous aromas of the local forest is an aesthetic bonus for tourists. There is also a botanical garden in the town of Powsin that is not far from Konstancin-Jeziorna, which you can visit if you are already nearby.
How to get there: you can get to Konstancin-Jeziorna by bus number 200 that runs from Dworzec Centralny from stop number 30, or by bus 710, which departs from Wilanowska station.
Tężnia opening hours: from 10.00 to 19.00. Admission is paid: the price of an adult ticket is 12 PLN, a concession ticket (children, pensioners, and adolescents up to 26 years old) costs 7 PLN. If you suddenly decide that paying for air is a bad idea, we recommend that you take a blanket with you and sit on the grass near the tennis court for free.

Walking among the treetops: Pomiechówek

Image source: polskaniezwykla.pl
Description: Everyone who dreamed of walking on rope bridges stretched between the crowns of trees, will be happy because there is such an opportunity. To do this, you just need to drive about 40 kilometers north of Warsaw and go to the small village of Pomiechówek.
In an ideal world, it is better to take your children with you, because it will be insanely interesting for them here. In Pomiechówku you can find huts, eco-swings, an observation tower, a mini-labyrinth, a huge number of picnic spots, and, of course, the main local star - the cable car among the tops of the trees. Both children and adults can easily go there, so no one will get bored. After mastering the trail, you can first go for lunch in the fresh air, so we recommend taking food with you, and then plan to conquer the route of the rope park located nearby. Another option is to rent a kayak and go sailing around the river.
How to get there: By train, which departs from Warszawa Gdańska station, the address of the park is ul. Nasielska 1A.
Opening hours: Please note that the “Spacer w koronach drzew” route is only available on Sundays from 10.00 to 18.00, the cost of climbing the suspended trail is PLN 4 (children under 3 years old - free). The entrance to the park itself is free.

Relaxing on / in the water: Suntago Wodny Świat

Suntago Wodny Świat
Image source: tropter.com/pl
Description: If you can't imagine your life without water, but you think that just swimming is boring, we have an exciting suggestion for you. Without further ado, welcome to the largest water park in Poland and even throughout Central Europe — Suntago Wodny Świat, which is located right near the town of Mszczonów.
This miracle of engineering came to light quite recently, and everyone who has already visited Santago unanimously says that this is perhaps the best water park in the world. See for yourself, investments in the project amounted to about $ 170 million, and the water park itself can serve up to 15,000 visitors a day. Suntago has got it all — three huge unique zones, slides, spas, indoor and outdoor pools - the scope here is truly incredible. Of course, you need to evaluate all of this for yourself and the best way to do it is by buying a ticket for the whole day.
Working hours: The water park is open from 10.00 to 21.00 on weekdays, from 10.00 to 22.00 on Friday, from 9.00 to 22.00 on Saturday and from 9.00 to 21.00 on Sunday. The cost of a ticket ranges from 59 to 99 PLN per adult and from 1 to 89 PLN for citizens paying reduced fares.
*Please check the opening hours of the water park before traveling. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and current government decrees the water park may temporarily be closed.

Feel the music of Chopin: Żelazowa Wola

Żelazowa Wola
Image source: tropter.com/pl
Description: We could not avoid including the small village of Żelazowa Wola in our list. Why? Because it was here where Frederic Chopin’s parents Nicolas and Yustyn once lived in the wing of an old mansion. And it was in this mansion that little Frederic Chopin was born on March 1, 1810, a genius who became one of the greatest composers in the world.
Now, of course, it is a museum with carefully recreated interiors of those times. Textiles, furniture, household items, musical instruments, and prints are just small parts of the local exposition. There is a beautiful park next to the mansion, where you can not only walk but also listen to live concerts, where the works of the great classic are performed.
In general, a trip here is worth planning. Firstly, because Chopin is a national treasure of the nation, and secondly because Żelazowa Wola is picturesque.
How to get there: From Warszawa Wschodnia, Warszawa Stadion, Warszawa Powiśle, Warszawa Śródmieście, Warszawa Ochota, Warszawa Zachodnia or Warszawa Włochy stations, go to Sochaczew station. From Sochaczew to Żelazowa Wola take a bus number 6.
Working hours: the museum is open daily from 10.00 to 18.00.



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