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Top places in Krakow

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We would like to start our cozy journey through Krakow somewhere not the most obvious, but the most pleasant areas and places. So, let's start with Kazimierz: it's a fascinating Jewish quarter, which somehow combines, at first glance, absolutely incompatible things (in addition, the famous "Schindler's List" was filmed there).
If we go back to the past for many years, we found out that until 1800 Kazimierz was a separate and very ancient city, created in 1335 by Casimir III the Great (actually, this is where the name comes from). Further, Kazimierz was united with Krakow and became its district when this part of Poland passed to Austria-Hungary at the very beginning of the 19th century.
Today, old buildings and graffiti, neon signs, synagogues and hipster eateries can be found here without any problems. Vintage stores, flea markets, craft beer bars, author's restaurants, a full-fledged market with food trucks and, of course, a huge number of signs in Hebrew - and this is just a small part of what awaits you in Kazimierz, which could be explored eternally.

Planty krakowskie

Planty krakowskie
We are pleased to continue sharing with you a list of must-see places in Krakow. It is high time to talk about Planty Krakowskie - one of the most interesting parks in all of Poland, which, by the way, you can easily see from the windows of our Krakow school. It should be noted that "Planty" is a representative of the rather rare "circular park" format: it completely encircles the Old Town and at the same time is its border. In the XIX century Planty literally replaced the destroyed structures under the walls of the Old City. Thus, in 1822-1830s, instead of rebuilding gun turrets or digging ditches, it was decided to create a huge park on this spot. Moreover, carefully planted linden, ash, maple, and poplar trees appeared on the site of the structures, as well as neat lawns and cozy flowerbeds decorated the park. A bit later there appeared stalls with sweets vendors and others.
It is no less important that the total length of the park is 4 kilometers and its area is 21 hectares; there are a huge number of various attractions: monuments, sculptures, a military necropolis, a chapel - these are just some of them. We strongly recommend that you first walk around the park in a circle and then explore the corners of Starego Miasta (Old Town), details of which we will tell you next time.

Rynek Główny

Rynek Główny
In our cozy Krakow tours, we've been beating around the bush (around the Old Town) for a long time, but finally it's high time to tell you about Rynek Główny. There you will find a number of buildings and monuments that are important for Krakow's history. Bend your fingers to count.
- The Kościół Mariacki is perhaps the most postcard-perfect building in all of Kraków. It is generally agreed that it is still one of the most important (and most beautiful) churches in Poland, built in 1221. You can prove this statement for yourself by going inside (tickets cost from 5 to 10 PLN).
- Sukiennicy has been a place of shopping since 1257. However, in 2021 nothing has changed: you can still buy souvenirs and other touristy stuff in this area.
- Looking for a viewing platform? No problem: enough to climb to the top of the Town Hall Tower. The observation terrace is undoubtedly not the only thing it has to offer. Wieża Ratuszowa is also a museum, theater, and coffee shop.
- A bit unexpected for the Old City is the sculpture "Eros Bendato. To the surprise of the author and the city government, the huge bronze head of Eros with blindfolded eyes (a so-called allusion to the fact that love is blind) became really popular among tourists.

Fabryka Oskara Schindlera

Fabryka Oskara Schindlera
The first thing that needs to be said, talking about Krakow, is Oskar Schindler, the man who single-handedly saved over a thousand Jews during the Holocaust. The famous dish factory that Oskar ran (by the way, it was called "Rekord") is located at Lipowa 4. This is where Schindler - having spent all his money on fake documents for Jewish workers - transported people who were about to be sent to Auschwitz to his factory in Brunnlitz. In total, Oskar saved about 1200 people (800 men, 300 women and 100 children), who later became known as "Schindler's Jews".
Two museums are now located in the factory: the Schindler Museum (which tells the story of Oskar and his factory, life in the Krakow ghetto and the fate of the Jews who worked there) and the MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art.
Besides, of course, we personally recommend you to watch the great film "Schindler's List" by Steven Spielberg, thanks to which this story has become known to basically everyone before you go to the museum.

Top attractions in Krakow

Piwnica pod baranami
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We are going to finish our cozy guide to Krakow in a bright and very colorful way. For this purpose, we have gathered in one article a whole variety of places that can be of interest to absolutely everyone.
We will start with the trumps, more precisely with Piwnica pod baranami (Rynek Główny 27), perhaps Krakow's most iconic music bar and cabaret.
If there is a bar, you also need snacks - of course, interesting and as authentic as they can be. For this, we suggest going to Ambasada Śledzia (Stolarska 8/10), a famous place where almost every dish contains a favorite fish in Poland (and not only).
Let's move on to the cultural program. Our favorites: the mirror maze (Grodzka 14), which is great for fans of selfies. The Bunkier Sztuki Contemporary Art Center (Szczepański 3a), the gorgeous Krakow Ethnographic Museum (Wolnica 1), or the National Museum in Krakow (Aleja 3 Maja 1) are choices for art lovers. For dinner you can go to the real " Leaky Cauldron" from Harry Potter (Grodzka 50/1). Or explore the local cat café (ul. Krowoderska 48) Kocia Kawiarnia Kociarnia and have a coffee in the company of the purring animals.



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