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Why do you need Polish language courses?


From early childhood, parents and teachers try to instill in children a love for foreign languages. But if you choose the wrong approach, all efforts end in tears, tantrums and continuous gaps in knowledge. Already in adulthood, people understand that life is not full without a foreign language. The way to education and work abroad is closed without it. Polyglots are smiling from billboards, inviting you to Polish or English courses in Warsaw or Krakow. How would you make the right choice? By cost, location or friend’s advice? We believe that all parameters should be taken into account, but the main thing should be the quality of a course. The Polish language school TOGETHER meets the highest standards and requirements of students. Our teachers are native speakers with a philological education, classes are held in Polish using modern methods of pedagogy and the latest teaching materials; certificate is provided at the end of the course. After completing the courses, you can easily pass language exams to the required authorities, get a job or organize your own business.

While living and studying in Warsaw or Krakow, a student has access to almost all means of communication: communication in classes and conversions at the TOGETHER Polish Language School, participation in Saturday excursions. Outside the school, the practice will be communication in shops, transport, and different events in Warsaw and Krakow.

Polish Language School TOGETHER

TOGETHER School invites anyone from all countries of the world to learn Polish and English for a full life not only in Poland, but also abroad. In some cases, we help to close the gaps in the already existing knowledge, we’re not only teaching to speak and write, but also to understand and “feel” the language, to be able to express your thoughts. This approach will make life in Poland interesting and full. Our language courses in Warsaw and Krakow are an opportunity to be taught by professional teachers, specialists in their field, who wish their students only success in learning Polish. We try to create the most comfortable conditions for our students so the learning of Polish is not only useful, but also fascinating.

Why to choose TOGETHER school?

Polish courses for foreigners in Warsaw and Krakow at TOGETHER provide an opportunity to practice your knowledge with native speakers. The learning program is designed such way that by the time our students meet native speakers they can easily express their thoughts and therefore are not afraid to be misunderstood. For the school is also important to provide convenient timetable and comfort classrooms. TOGETHER language school provides a flexible study schedule (morning, afternoon or evening), as well as comfortable classrooms and a large room for conversations or interesting lectures. In TOGETHER you will find a cozy and homely atmosphere, where everyone has equal opportunities and “sits” at a round table. Our employees in the office or social networks are ready to provide you with all the information about our work. You can ask them any questions regarding our courses. The level of knowledge in the end is quite high and our students can easily find universities or work in Poland.

Learning a language is always a challenge!

Learning a language is always a test. And it is important to go through it before the mood disappears. Apply for English courses or Polish courses for foreigners at the Polish Language School TOGETHER, and you will feel a motivation tide during the entire course, and you will have a brilliant knowledge of the language you choose. Do not forget to watch Polish films, read Polish newspapers or magazines. We will help you overcome the language barrier and integrate into the language environment.



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