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How to start to learn Polish

How to start to learn Polish: our advice


The first steps – are always the most difficult. But if you choose the right strategy, you can do anything. If you want to know Polish, but you do not know how to start, this article is definitely for you. We have picked up several most useful and effective ways to start learning Polish:

  1. The first thing, from which you need to start a study of any language is motivation. The higher it is, the more effective your classes will be and the faster you can speak Polish well.
  2. Surround yourself with the most interesting books in Polish or by self-instruction book. As well as quality teaching aids designed for your level won’t get in your way. The truth is due to the huge variety of different courses, textbooks, and books on the internet, you can be lost easily and choose not what you need. Therefore, the best way is to ask a teacher, what will suit better to your case.
  3. Plan a vacation or a trip to Poland. Nothing can teach so, like habitat, where all people speak in language, which you want to learn. The trip to Poland – is also a great pastime. The country is famous for its cuisine, architecture, art, and many other things, which are better to see and try one time than to read about it via the internet.
  4. Watch tutorial courses on social media, on YouTube, and through other resources. But remember, to replace full–fledged elaborate training, for example, such as that is offered by our School, they won't be able. But, of course, you can learn some interesting things from them as well as expand your vocabulary.
  5. Watch Polish films with subtitles. This advice will be suited to those who has been learning at beginner’s level of Polish Choose a movie with easy lexical and a clear plot. It can be either series or films. One more option – watch the films in Polish, which you have seen many times.
  6. Find a friend for conversation. You can do it by yourself or thanks to our classes. Communicating with a real person, even if he does not speak the language well enough, is an excellent language practice for both you and him.
  7. Do it gradually, with consistency and regularity. For example, you will not be able to read Polish if you don't know the alphabet. That's why it's so important to find a good teacher in order to learn the language quickly and well.
  8. Music and Radio. As in the case of movies, listening to Polish radio stations and music will move you forward. You won't even notice how you'll start pronouncing the words correctly and singing along to the singers.
  9. Use everything you can to memorize grammatical rules and new lexical. Do not be afraid to put stickers around your apartment, make notes in notebooks, leave reminders on your computer desktop and phone screen. Let everything help you make daily progress in learning Polish.

And the most important piece of advice is to just start. Do not put off learning because you don't have the time, money, energy, or anything else. You can also start learning Polish on your own, but it is not always convenient and you risk missing or not understanding something important.

Our online school has special programs to help you learn Polish on your own. With us, you will be able to follow simple dialogues after your first lessons, you will not miss any important points in the language system, and you will be confident in your abilities. We invite you to become part of our big family and learn Polish quickly and with pleasure!

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