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Yearlong Standard

The annual Polish language course Standart is an opportunity to seriously and thoroughly learn Polish. The course is perfect for those who decided to stay in Poland for a long time, as it allows our students not only to thoroughly study the Polish language, but also to apply for a temporary residence permit in Poland.
The course consists of 872 academic hours (1 academic hour = 30 min.) and includes 372 didactic hours (classes), 200 conversional (weekly Conversations at school on interesting topics about life in Poland), 300 practical ( thematic excursions and phonetic classes on Saturdays). The course consists of the first month of intensive study and two semesters. Each of the three stages provides the passage of one level of knowledge of the Polish language, as evidenced by the relevant certificates.
The first 4 weeks of the classes are held daily on the annual course of the Polish language Standard. The duration of the lesson is 6 academic hours (180 minutes) with one break (10-15 minutes). After the first month of study, the duration of the lesson is 3 academic hours (90 minutes), classes are held twice a week. The time and days are set one week before the start of the course.

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Yearlong Polish course in Poland is the best choice!

It is the best to learn a language in its native environment; the theoretical knowledge is being put into practice from the very beginning. At first you learn basic things, however, if you are constantly surrounded by people speaking Polish and have to speak it yourself then you will learn very quickly. Poland is an ambitious country in the EU. Residence in this country allows you to travel around the Schengen Zone countries and get social security. But you need to know the language. So, why do you need to speak Polish? Find out: work or business in Poland, opportunity to live in the EU, studying at private Universities, studying at national Universities, getting a "Karta Polaka" (a Pole’s Card) and the need to pass an exam in the consulate, the necessity to speak Polish when working abroad, immigration to Poland and many others… There can be different situations in life. So how to learn Polish with minimal financial input and the best result? Very easy.

The yearlong course, why is it important to learn Polish in Warsaw?

Living in Poland, communicating in Polish and total immersion into the native environment — these are the most important features of this course. The Together Language Centre presents its unique product — a yearlong course of Polish in Warsaw — learn easily and effectively. This course guarantees the best results in learning Polish.

The yearlong course is a unique opportunity to learn the language while totally immersed in its native environment. The yearlong courses allow our students to come and learn from any country in the world and they are the basis for a yearlong Polish national visa. Moreover, on the basis of the course, you have the unique opportunity to get a Temporary Residence Permit (Karta Pobytu) in Poland for a year. This allows you to work during the course and also buy cars and real estate or open your own business. It can consist of two semester courses or two semester courses and an intensive course.

This is the best option which allows you to adapt to life in Poland and fully learn the Polish language. Groups consist of maximum 8 people. The groups are formed from A1 level (starter) up to B2 (advanced). All groups are formed from Russian or English-speaking students and the classes are conducted in one of these languages. At the end of each course, there is a final exam after which you receive a certificate. We guarantee that you will speak the language at the desired level. 

How to start the course? 
It takes just a few steps and you’re in Europe. 

Attention! You get a unique opportunity to receive a Temporary Residence Permit for one year and learn the language. Hurry up because the time is running and you might miss your chance! A yearlong Polish course in Poland is your door to Europe. Gather new experiences and knowledge. We can also help with finding a job. Live in Poland for a whole year. Adapt, open your business, work or prepare to study at a university. 

There are many possibilities — you just have to catch them. See you in Europe!

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Сonversations или разговорный клуб польского языка.

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