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Intensive course in Krakow

Intensive Polish language course is designed to teach the basics of speaking quickly and effectively, help foreigners to overcome the language barrier and give confidence in communication.

The course consists of 160 academic hours (1 academic hour = 30 min.) and includes 120 didactic hours (classes), 16 conversional sessions (weekly Conversions at school on interesting topics about life in Poland), 24 practical ( thematic excursions and phonetic classes on Saturdays). During the course the students pass one level of knowledge of the Polish language and receive an appropriate diploma at the end of the course.

Classes in the Intensive Polish language course take place every day. The duration of the lesson is 6 academic hours (180 minutes) with one break (10-15 minutes). The time for classes is set one week before the beginning of the course.

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Are you going to Poland but worrying because you can’t speak Polish? Or, maybe, you are already in Poland but you urgently need to improve your knowledge of Polish? Now, these problems can be easily and quickly solved. There is a way of studying that will suit even the busiest people. Working, studying, bringing up children… This list is endless. Modern life just doesn’t give the opportunity to pigeonhole our duties and immediately begin to study Polish. Everyone who aspires to the knowledge of the Polish language can get it in just 1 month. Intensive Polish language course will help you handle this mission.

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