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Intensive Polish language course

Intensive Course

Intensive Polish language course is designed to teach the speaking basics quickly and effectively, help foreigners to overcome the language barrier and give confidence in communication. The course is ideal for those who are going to take a certification exam for knowledge of the Polish language (Państwowy egzamin certyfikatowy z języka polskiego jako obcego).

For which level:

From zero to advanced (А0 - В1).
To check your level, take our Free test.

Course duration and program:

The course lasts 1 month, consists of 125 academic hours (1 academic hour = 45 minutes) and includes:
  • 80 didactic hours (classes);
  • 12 conversational (weekly Conversations at school on current and interesting topics about life in Poland);
  • 16 practical (excursions and phonetic classes on Saturdays)
  • 17 hours allocated to a literary club
During the course, students take from a quarter to a half of the Polish language knowledge level, depending on the start level.

The price:

1900  1520 zł

Additional costs:

Registration fee 100 zł.

Payment methods:

1. School's bank account transfer;
2. By cash, credit or debit card in one of the School’s offices.

Classes schedule:

Classes on the Intensive Polish course take place five times a week for 4 academic hours each, plus 3 additional (optional) lessons. Total: 6 times a week.


All groups of beginner levels are formed from Russian-speaking students and have a Russian-speaking teacher. Our school is attended by people from different countries, but we use a slightly different program for learning Polish for representatives of the Slavic language group. It is much easier and faster for them to learn Polish from scratch. Groups division does not apply from level B1 inclusively.


Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz, Wroclaw


At the end of the course, the student takes a test and receives an appropriate diploma.
Please read the Regulations of our School, before applying to the course.

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